Sunday, August 02, 2015

Exploring Rome!

One word for Rome: HOT! I have to say that our trip would have been a million times more exciting if it wasn't for this crazy insane heat! We were crippled into taking long afternoon siestas and, in general, feeling pretty exhausted after every outing!

Kudos to grandma and BB for putting up with the metros, buses and insane walking despite all. It wasn't easy and I'm lucky to be traveling with these troopers. We spent four full days hanging out, consuming many gelatos, chocolates, pizzas and pastas and enjoying this lovely historic city.

One last magic moment tonight when BB and I went for a late night foot-dip in Bernini's masterpiece. No Trevi so Tritone it is! The water was so refreshing and the moment was pure magic. We giggled our way back bare foot around the cobblestone square!

Off to Florence tomorrow for more Renaissance treats and Tuscan sights! Arrivederci Roma!

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